Decorating Your DFW Apartment Like a Boutique Hotel

Do you have some free time this upcoming weekend? If your Portofino apartment is looking a little dull, or you’re just looking for some design inspiration, consider checking out these helpful apartment decorating tips, to turn your place into a chic boutique-looking hotel (to match our boutique apartment experience).

Take it from the chicest boutique hotels: get rid of all that light. Elle Décor recommends using dim lighting to your advantage. A lack of lighting creates a dramatic space with a unique look. Use dark colors with a few dimly lit lamps to create a mysterious space that is also cozy and relaxing. When soft glows and shadows aren’t climbing your nine-foot ceilings at night, keep your sunny windows open during the day for natural lighting.

Mixing and matching colors and patterns is also a signature style in boutique hotels that you can steal for your apartment near Las Colinas. You can even create your own custom look by sewing different fabrics together for a unique pillow, as Do It Yourself suggests. Hang up some brightly colored art work with patterns to add more contrast. You can also apply this idea to your furniture; mix and match chairs at your dining table or mix thrift store finds with high-end pieces.

When it comes to your bathroom, with roman soaking tubs, extend the boutique hotel style with thick, plush towels and rugs. Hang unique, colorful (and water-resistant) art by the sink, and keep it uncluttered for a spa-like feel. Beds with high headboards, and of course, luxurious bedding, also create a high-end, boutique style.

Does your apartment feature a particular design that is unique? Let us know about it in the comments below!

Image courtesy of Flickr.

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